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Web Page Design using HTML

Hyper Text Markup Language was the language used to create the earliest of web pages.  It enables text and images to be downloaded and viewed by other Internet users across the globe.  By itself, it has limited functionality but, used in conjunction with other, more programmable code, can become a powerful, interactive interface.

This fundamental web programming course covers the basic HTML codes and symbols allowing the student to create interesting and functional web sites.  It encourages him or her to adopt good programming practice and to understand the importance of ‘Design’.

The outcome of the course is for the learner to have created their own multi-page web site which they are then able to either view locally or upload to a web server of their choosing (we do not provide web space for this purpose).

Toward the end of the course an introduction is given to the increased functionality made available by using ‘Javascript’.  Java is a derivation of the ‘C’ programming language which facilitates functionality in the HTML page allowing such enhancements as the menu that you see at the side of this page.

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