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Behaviour Management

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We often speak of 'behaviour management' but many people fail to understand that behaviour is not a 'cause' - it's an 'effect'.

Bad behaviour stems from a lack of understanding or an inappropriate diet (or both) and, more often has a relatively simple solution.

After this two day course you will have the opportunity for ongoing consultations.   Behaviour courses are available to individuals (within small groups), larger groups or organisations such as schools and clubs.  

Participants are encouraged to question the world that they live in, to understand the consequences of their own actions and those of the people around them and consider their own reactions to situations that may not be to their liking.

There is no such thing as 'conflict', it is a word we use to describe a situation where one or more people have made erroneous assumptions.

Fundamentally everyone is good! No-one gets up in the morning and says “Today I am going to mess up the world.”

Two full days for just £80.00 per day

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