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C and C++

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The ‘C’ programming language is the original user- friendly, programming language for computers.  The initial development of ‘C’ occurred at AT&T Bell Labs between 1969 and 1973; by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson.

It was named ‘C’ because many of its features were derived from an earlier language called ‘B’, which according to Ken Thompson was a stripped down version of the BCPL programming language (Basic Combined Programming Language).

The origin of ‘C’ is closely tied to the development of the Unix operating system and, therefore, Linux.

‘C’ has developed into ‘C++’ - another innovative name; we've added some stuff and now we've added some more!

It is fair to say that many of the Graphical User Interfaces (Windows® style) seen on computers today have their underlying functionality written in ‘C’ or ‘C++’.  As stated earlier, if you see yourself as a developer of the next version of Windows® or as a programmer for one of the other platforms or operating systems, ‘C’ or ‘C++’ may be the language for you.

It is also fair to say that Microsoft's development of the dot-Net environment suggests that ‘C++’ is the language to learn.  ‘C#’ and Borland's ‘Delphi’ - which appear to combine Object Oriented programming with Visual Programming - are expected to dominate the ‘Vista’ era and beyond.

‘C’ is the language used to program Robots and Mobile Phones and many other gadgets none of which use Windows® as an operating system.  ‘C’ or ‘C++’ are the languages to learn.

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