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Conflict Resolution


As well as using the tools to empower children to make decisions, they have an equally important rôle for adults.   Resolution of a conflict involves making decisions and before any of us makes a decision, we should look at both sides of the argument.
Should I do this or do that?

You want to do this and I want to do that!

The thinking tools enable us to look at the other sides wants and needs and, although we may be making assumptions, get a better perspective of why the conflict has occurred and, hence, come to an amicable agreement.

How about when the problem goes on and on? When those things that people do - perhaps a loved one - begin to grate.   We call this Chronic Conflict; just like a chronic illness, it won't necessarily kill you but it will certainly make your life a misery.

Looking at both sides of the situation will enable you to analyse the assumptions that each of you are making.   We like to think that there is no such thing as a conflict - it's such a negative word - rather, one party or the other is making erroneous assumptions.  

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