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Interactive Web Pages using ASP

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Active Server Pages take web sites to another level.  As the name suggests, ASP based web pages have the ability to interact with the user and with one or more databases located on the web server.  This enables stored, yet variable information to be shared with the user.

ASP scripts are integrated into the HTML web page in a manner similar toJavascript and have the additional functionality of being able to dynamically write HTML codes into the page as it is being viewed.

A typical use for active pages is to publish catalogues of products and allow the viewer to search and select from the data held in the database.  Similarly, customer details can be stored in the database which can control access to certain parts of the site or give discounts or whatever.  I feel sure that most of you will have experienced this sort of interactivity already.

It should be noted that ASP is a Microsoft technology and, strictly speaking, is restricted to web servers running the Microsoft web-server software.However, many non-Microsoft servers are able to process the ASP commands.
The outcome for this course would see the student creating a multi-page, interactive web site which would access data from the database and create dynamic text which would reflect changes in the stored data.  Microsoft provide a method of viewing these files on a PC just as though they were being downloaded from a server on the Internet.  

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