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Big business can afford to pay thousands of pounds for analysts and consultants to cure their woes - small businesses can't afford that luxury.   Applying the principles of the thinking tools and other 'Common Sense' methodologies to your attitude toward the business, and the way you approach it will help any small businessman to succeed.

Knowing how to handle the management side of the business whilst, at the same time, using the skills that prompted you to 'go it alone' in the first place need not be difficult.

Running a small business is not 'Rocket Science' (I have never seen a rocket scientist working from his garden shed but, I suppose, there could be one out there somewhere).  Running a small business is a matter of knowing how to divide up your time and prioritise your activities to make the best of the skills that you have and not overlook your duties as a manager.

These principles can be used to help small to medium sized businesses to avoid failure in the early years or to ensure that 'start-up' goes smoothly; or simply to improve the everyday operation of the business.

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