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Modern ‘visual’ programming tools that allow the programmer to see almost immediately what the result of his efforts will produce do little to instil into the new programmer a sense of style and professionalism.

Whilst we agree that ‘re-inventing the wheel’ is unnecessary, we do believe that the simply cutting and pasting sample code doesn't make a good programmer.

Therefore, learning how to construct a program and how to assemble the lines of code is an important stage in becoming a proficient and professional programmer.

Our Program Design course shows the learner the ‘standards’ that are used in software development so that he or she can produce programs (and web pages) in whatever programming language they eventually choose to adopt.  The course guides you through the analysis of the problem, into the creation of a programming style and on to the development, testing and documenting of the final design.  Even if you already have an idea how to program, this course will enable you to complete robust programs now and in the future.  

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