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Talent Textiles is a professional training, development and support business aimed at strengthening expertise, process, and ultimately profit across all textile and apparel based retail companies. 

It is proven that well trained, knowledgable, capable and confident individuals in your business will improve your profitability and drive a culture of achievement and positivity. 

The main expertise at Talent Textiles is fabric and colour management which are crucial aspects in the development and production of textile products. 

We have extensive experience in retail and have spent valuable time in manufacturing, therefore we can offer tailored consultancy projects globally. This work is aimed at solving specific fabric or colour issues within your business, or putting into place ways of working to improve process output, see Consultancy page for more details.
We also offer a range of training workshops to your colleagues from basic to advanced levels in all topics covering fabric and colour depending on your business needs and concerns.  See Training page for a full list of available workshops.

We pride ourselves on providing a commercial service and level of coaching within this industry. We have many years of working in clothing retail, we understand the environment, the process and how important it is to  develop your own colleagues to deliver success.

Talent Textiles will work with you to ensure that all projects and training programs are tailor made to suit your specific business.  

Talent Textiles is based in Victoria, Australia, but happily travels near and far to deliver.

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