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Not too much going on

It's been a while but not that much has been happening, I have had a little fun with a few photos, one still life I have posted on my Photography pages.  Yes, there was a holiday Cruise in 2018.  Will try and do more in 2019.

17 March 2019

General Update

It's been a while since I last updated the blog due to various reasons and not having much to say is one of them.  As we near Christmas and I reflect back on the year it has had its ups and downs.  I will try to put some more photos on the site and perhaps find something interesting to say.

19 November 2017

A course just completed

It's been a while since my last post, it is just that I have not had anything really to say.  However, I have just completed a course called 7 Building Blocks of Photography by Mike Borwne (see 7 Building Blocks promo and this for the course detail) .  I will try and post a few more photos soon if not after my holiday.

8 February 2017

New Photographs if you are interested.

I have added more photos as I have been out and about at Lydford Gorge and Aberdulais Falls.  I have also removed the 'My Hobby' page it has no value as all my photos (those that I publish anyway) are on the Photography page.  Also I have added some form of caption to all photos along with a Copyright.  As for the copyright, if anyone should wish to use any of my photos (with  the exception of the Wedding porfolio) then please write to me and I will consider sending you an unprotected full size image/file.

27 November 2016

October 2016

Have had a slight hick up and lost my blog - so starting it again soon.

Watch this space.  I have recovered most of the text but lost any photos that I had included.

September 2016

Will be adding some new photos soon.  A varied source from our cruise in June to trips locally and watchout for my whisky glass ☺

May 2016

Life update, well not a lot really.  I have asked the wedding couple if I could post some of their photos, you can now see them on my Photography page.  In March we came back from a cruise and I will get around to posting some of those photos on My Hobby page.  Also in April I spent a couple of days in Cornwall with a friend just to take some photos, these can be seen on my Photography page.

8 May 2016

The New Year

Have taken a break from the blog as I haven't done much.  Most exciting thing at the end of 2015 was I photographed a wedding in November, won't post any photos as I am not sure the Bride and Groom would want me to.  i might ask them sometime.

Also in  early December did a Evening Photography City Tour - gift from Kate and Simon - had a good time and got some good photos - check out my hobby page.

I have recently registered with a website called, its a bit like flkr andI have put a lot up there yet but it is sort of in conjunction with my new page 'Photography'.

9 January 2016


Check this out in a week or two for photos from Mallorcan hoilday.

I didn't really take any photos as I was too busy eating and drinking.

18 Sep 2015

Lake Dsitrict

Just got back from a long week-end in the Lake District.  Had a great time and took some nice photos of the scenery and waterfalls - will be posting some on my Hobby page in due course.

26 Aug 2015

Here are a couple of photos from the Lake District

National Trust

Our Christmas gift from our children was membership to the National Trust.  Since April we have visited 9 properties and really are enjoying the experiences.

15 Aug 2015

My first blog

Well, everyone now-a-days has one of these and as I am not on social media, I thought this would be the best way to keep you up to-date with what I am up to - that's if you are interested :-)

My website is becoming more of a hobby site and test bed for ideas for the few other websites I look after.  This blog is one of those test.

14 Aug 2015

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