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When you decide you want a presence on the Internet, you usually want is sooner rather than later. Perhaps you have just started a new product line or developing a new service - well it doesn't stay new for long so you want the information out there fast!  

I will develop your basic website in 48 HOURS! - I will provide you with a professional looking web site that will allow you to get your message across.
Scroll to the bottom of this page to see links to website I have developed.

This offer is limited to 3 menu links to 3 pages with no more than one image per page, I can have a Web site designed and available for you to see within 48 hours.  Typically your 3 pages will include your site welcome and introduction, a page about your business, the services or products you offer and a contact page which hides your email address from web spiders and robots.

You just need to give me the text and any images you want on the web pages, allow me to put it together using one of the many web page styles I have available. Within 48 hours I will e-mail you with a web address where you can view your web site - if you don't want any changes I can then e-mail you the files to be uploaded to your host or do this for you.

You will of course need somewhere to host or store your web site and this involves the selection and registering Internet Domain Name - I can help here too, and point you in the right direction depending on your needs.

Should you want me to further develop your web site or maintain it in any way there is a monthly fee. Full terms available.

The further development of your website can include professional advertising effects ; slide shows ; gallery; video; sound; flash animation.

Over the last few years I have developed a number of websites, some are now maintained by their owners, some are no longer being hosted but are here for viewing
, just click on the name for the website to display in a separate window:

South Harrow Baptist Church - this one speaks for itself, it is their 'new' site with one or two innovations being tried out.

InfoSoft - a single product software company developing a software application for the Chiropody, Podiatry and foot health care professional.  The website they use now was not designed or implemented by me.

El Ancla
- unique late night bar in Can Pastilla in Majorca offering a relaxing experience where you can enjoy cocktails, shishas and food from different parts of the world.

Talent Textiles - a professional training, development and support business for apparel based retail companies based in Australia

Yoga121 - a yoga teacher in Eastbourne, Sussex offering a range of yoga classes

Chanting Yoga - a different approach to inner peace, lessons in Chanting

JSI Technology
- an electronic development company with an interest in motor racing

Oldland Brass
- a Brass Band with an unconventional line up of instruments and a repertoire that includes "Mozart to Modern ", who you can book for your event

The following two sites are no longer hosted or publically available:

Making the Grade -  a software developed for Colleges and Higher Education

Smart Thinking
- a general consultancy for business and education

Reception Singer - professional singer offering you the opportunity to create the perfect atmosphere for your event from the moment it starts.

Don't delay - get your web site in 48 hours for £48!

(C) Ian Shere - 2009 - 2019
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